Study on Ambient Air Quality of Municipal Solid Waste Dumping Site District Satna (M.P.), India


  • Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwvidyalaya, Department of Physical Sciences, Satna, M.P., India


The unscientific disposal of municipal solid waste (MSW) creates air, water and soil pollution. This study reveals the problems of air pollution caused due to unscientific disposal of MSW found at Satna, Maihar, Nagod and Birsinghpur municipalities of district Satna (M.P.). The seasonal mean values of SPM and RSPM were in exceeding limit in all the seasons except monsoon season. The values of SO and NO were observed 2 2 within the norms in all the season as set by Ministry of Environment and Forest Government of India. It is observed that the garbage collected from Satna, Maihar, Nagod and Birsinghpur municipalities is being dumped indiscriminately on open land. The dumping sites are not proper by designed and operated as per Municipal Solid Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 2000. Results suggest that adequate measures must be taken for the scientific disposal of municipal solid waste to control increasing levels of pollution and its dispersion from MSW dumping site to nearby area through wind flow.


MSW, Dumping Site, Disposal, Air Quality, SGPT, SGOT, ACP, ALP, Arsenic, Albino Rat, Hepatopathology.

Subject Discipline

Environmental Sciences

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