Metal Contamination in Mammalian Fauna of Sariska Tiger Reserve, Alwar, India


  • JECRC University, Mahatma Gandhi institute of Applied Sciences, Jaipur, India


Many of the factories spewing pollutants are located too close to the wildlife reserves and metal roads are laid traversing through these protected areas. The traffic of automobiles is unmindful of the inconvenience to the wildlife and the pollution threatening the fauna. The wildlife harboured in these reserves are at the risk of getting exposed to automobile exhaust, industrial gases and suspended particulate matters. Anthropogenic activities near or within the wildlife habitats are threatening the wildlife with exposure to a variety of environmental contaminants. Restrictions on the sampling because of Wildlife Protection Act (1972) prevents taking of samples of living tissues to analyse body burdens of contaminants that the wildlife may be carrying. Fecal matter samples of wild mammals, vegetation, soil and water of Sariska Tiger Reserve, Alwar, Rajasthan showed good concentration of heavy metals (Pb, Cd, Cr, Cu and Zn).


Pollution, Heavy Metals, Bioindicator, Feces, Wild Mammals, Sariska Tiger Reserve.

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