Effects of Sub-Lethal Dose of Nickel on the Biochemical Parameters in the Tissues of Female Crab Scylla serrata, from Mumbai Coast


  • Thakur College of Science and Commerce, Department of Zoology, Mumbai, India
  • Shivaji University, Department of Environmental Science, Kolhapur, India


The effects of sub-lethal concentration of nickel on the biochemical composition such as glycogen, protein, cholesterol, lactic acid, pyruvic acid in gills, hepatopancreas, muscles and sugar contents along with haemolymph in female crab, Scylla serrata procured form local fish market in Mumbai (Sassoon Dock) were studied. The female crabs were exposed to sub-lethal dose of nickel LC and LC were 200ppm and 500ppm 0 50 respectively. Among the control set the glycogen contents were found to be the highest in muscles (44.616±0.225 mg/gm wt); protein contents were maximum in gills (66.5232±0.170 mf/gm wt); cholesterol contents were highest in ovary (2.009±0.006 mg/gm wt). The sub-lethal dose of nickel caused decline in the contents of glycogen (1.030±0.0141), protein (11.299±0.055), cholesterol (1.373±0.008) and pyruvic acid (0.440±0.195) in most of the tissues studied. The lactic acid contents increased in all the tissues studied in response to the exposure of nickel. The sugar and lactic acid contents in haemolymph were elevated as a result of exposure whereas the contents of protein, cholesterol and pyruvic acid in haemolymph declined due to the sub-lethal exposure in female crabs.


Scylla Serrata, Nickel, Glycogen, Protein, Cholesterol, Lactic Acid, Pyruvic Acid.

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