The Effectiveness of Changing Lifestyle Education on Physical and Mental Health of Patients in Sanandaj


  • Department of Psychology, Sanandaj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Sanandaj, Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Cardiologist Tohid Hospital, Iran, Islamic Republic of


This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of changing life-style education on improving the physical and mental health of patients with cardiovascular disease. For this purpose, among patients referring to the cardiovascular clinic of Tohid Hospital in Sanandaj, in 2016, using random sampling, with available medical records, 30 subjects were selected in experimental and control groups (15 in the experimental group and 15 in the control group) and the age range was 20 and higher. For collecting data before and after training, the general health questionnaire by Goldberg and Hiller (1979) was used. The results of single-variable covariance analysis (ANCOVA) showed that there was no significant difference in lifestyle-based education on physical and mental well-being of normal people with cardiovascular disease (p>.05).


Cardiovascular Disease, Lifestyle, Physical-Psychological Health.

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