Study Tries to Measure and Compare Stress and Job Satisfaction between Surgeons and Lawyers of Sanandaj


  • Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences, Department of Psychiatry, Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences, Sanandaj, Iran, Islamic Republic of


Background and Purpose: Stress is a complex of none specific reactions of an organism to an coping request. Job satisfaction is how happy you are when you are at work Thiel study tries to measure and compare stress and job satisfaction between surgeons and lawyers of sanandaj. Method: It was a survey on 44 surgeons working in sanandaj university hospitals and 49 lawyers of sanandaj bar association which performed by enumeration and with standard questionnaire of "stress" Ramezan zadeh and "job satisfaction Kajbaf. and analysed by Spss 20 and t-test and "exact fisher exam. Findings: In our study lawyer's stress was more than the sugeon's (p<0.01) but their job satisfaction was the same (p:0.35). there were no relationship between age, sex, marriage state and nativity sate with stress and job satisfaction (p<0.05) But there was statistical relativity between interest in job and stress (p<0.05) which there was not with job satisfaction (p<0.8). There was straight correlation between achievement and job satisfaction, invert correlation between achievement and stress and straight correlation between stress and job satisfaction. Conclusion: This study can prove that there are many factors affecting job satisfaction and stress is only one of them so that lawyers with more stress and less achievement, had the same job satisfaction as the surgeons.


Stress, Job Satisfaction, Surgeons, Lawyers.

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