Performance Measurement Method for Agriculture Informatization by Business Unit


  • Hanbat National University, Department of Industrial Management Engineering, Korea, Republic of
  • Mokwon University, Division of Service Management, Korea, Republic of
  • Seoul National University, Graduate School of Public Administration, Korea, Republic of
  • EPIS, Information Planning Section, Korea, Republic of


This paper proposes a performance analysis method by business unit for informatization in public sector, specifically agriculture. Performance of informatization has been evaluated by indicators or hierarchies which affect the development or implementation of information systems. However, in public sector, business projects for informatization cannot be conducted unless the budget is assigned. This motivates us to evaluate the performance of informatization by business unit associated with the budget unit. In this paper, we suggest a performance measurement and analyse the performance of informatization of agriculture by business unit for government projects.


Agriculture, Business Unit, Informatization, Performance Measurement, Public Sector

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