Journal Launching on Asian Journal of Engineering Technology and Applications: An Editorial


  • Xi’an Jiaotong – Liverpool University, High Educational Town, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, SIP, Suzhou, China


Consider rapid development of engineering technologies and its application to the industrial fields, we are now in the time of data flooding. From the classical engineering knowledge to the application, we provide relevant researches on engineering trend in “Asian Journal of Engineering Technology and Applications(AJETA)” as a forum of discussion and represent research output. AJETA main challenging issues concern the future technology, Electrical System and Energy, Information Technology and Convergence Knowledge, related research pursue to green friendly and energy saving issues, and it focuses on interdisciplinary research between electrical engineering and information technology. It is related with electrical engineering knowledge include power generating, distribution, and optimization problem. AJRTA also encourage inter discipline studies with different area. For example, business and economics with engineering and culture are focussing fields to the government and administration. It also extends to e-commerce or business problem itself.

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