A Speed Controlled PFC Modified Bridgeless Converter based BLDC Motor Drive with Optimal PID Algorithm


  • St. Peters University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600001, India
  • GRT Institute of Engineering and Technology, Tiruttani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 631209, India


Brushless DC (BLDC) motors have been used widely in industrial drives because of their high performance, high torque density and low acoustic noise, due to which motor has been used in different application. Thus to improve the purpose of the motor use in different application, a bridgeless Luo converter fed BLDC motor drive has been added in the proposed system in order to generate unity power factor. The available system that majorly consists of the filter, BL-Luo converter and voltage source inverter (VSI) that makes the system to run in average performance, which majorly considers the reference voltage and speed control of the Brushless DC motor is performed with the help of single voltage sensor. The above mentioned system has some of the drawbacks of inrush current, DC-link voltage and reduction in the power factor performance. In order to overcome the drawbacks that have been mentioned above, in the proposed method modified bridgeless Luo converter with optimal genetic algorithm has been used. The proposed circuit majorly consists of the LC filter, modified BL Luo and speed is considered to be the reference parameter. Thus the proposed converter is majorly found to operate in discontinuous inductor current conduction mode and to reduce the switching loss, for solving the dc link voltage issues, the electronic commutation with VSI operation has been utilized. For the improvement of unity power factor from the BLDC motor, the speed PI converter with genetic algorithm has been used. The proposed modified bridgeless- Luo converter is found to be operated in discontinuous inductor current mode for getting lesser inrush current and switching stress reduction. The simulation results produce the efficient performance by making use of the modified bridgeless Luo converter along with the PID algorithm. Using the proposed circuit, the output obtained is found to have optimized power quality, speed parameter, lesser inrush current and lower switching losses.


Brushless DC motor (BLDC), Modified Bridgeless-Luo Converter, PID Algorithm, Power Factor Correction (PFC), Unity Power Factor.

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