Improved Analytical Method for Dicholorobenzaldehyde Impurity Detection in Lozenges by Convergence Chromatography


  • Chandigarh University, Department of Chemistry, Gharuan, Mohali, Punjab, 140413, India
  • Chandigarh University, Department of Biotechnology, Gharuan, Mohali, Punjab, 140413, India


Lozenges are the commonly used throat relieving pharmaceutical product that contains DBA and AMC as their active pharmaceutical ingredients. Reports have shown that during the longer storage conditions DBA converts to toxic 2, 4, dichlorobenzaldehyde (DCBZ). Present study reports the development of novel method for detection of DCBZ with UPC2 (Ultra performance convergence chromatography) instrument, that utilize the potential supercritical fluid chromatography, which is sustainable, reduced cost and green technology reducing the use of organic solvent. In this simple and robust method to detect DCBZ, runtime reduced to 2 minutes as compared to 10 min by Gas Chromatography with higher precision. By utilizing conventional method of Gas Chromatography, 2, 4, dichlorobenzaldehyde is detectable but with very low response and interference with other ingredients use in Lozenges. Method has facilitated faster detection and more sensitivity for DCBZ detection. The improved method provides less flow rate during the process, making it highly cost-effective. Use of non-polar solvents, high to low gradient is some of the advantages of the improved method of present investigation when compared to traditional method. The improved process of present invention proves to be 27 times more cost-effective.


2,4 - dichlorobenzaldehyde, Di Benzyl Alcohol, Gas Chromatography, Lozenges Ultra Performance Convergence Chromatography

Subject Discipline

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

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