Estimation of Lercanidipine by First Derivative UV Spectroscopy


  • I.S.F. College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, I.S.F. Analytical Laboratory, Moga, Punjab, 142001, India


A simple, accurate, economical, fast and reliable method for the determination of lercanidipine (LR) is highly desirable to support formulation screening and quality control. The method was developed for determination of LR in pure drug and tablet dosage form. Best results were shown in terms of linearity, accuracy, precision, LOD and LOQ for pure drug as well as for tablets. UV absorbance was measured at 332 nm. Excellent linearity (correlation coefficient (r2) = 0.9970) found in the concentration range of 7.5-60 μg/ml. The LOD and LOQ were 1.0770 and 3.2638 μg/ml respectively and good recoveries were achieved (95.779%).


Lercanidipine, Methanol, Zero Order Spectra, First Derivative Zero Crossing Spectrophotometer.

Subject Discipline

Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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