Real Time Face Recognition in Raspberry Pi: A Guide to Proper Usage of the Available Resources


  • SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Tamil Nadu, India


The use of facial recognition technology is gaining rapid popularity due to its appealing nature and possible use in various fields of life. Its integration into security systems as well as other aspects of technology such as robots has caused researchers around the globe to come up with numerous methods of recognition using different concepts. This paper is a part of a project aiming to develop a robot to be able to identify people in the daily environment. Hence, it makes use of the most readily available and student-friendly development board, the Raspberry Pi, for image processing. The goal of this paper is to compare few widely used methods of face detection and conclude as to which is better at the task.


Cascades, Convolutional Neural Networks, Face Detection, Face Recognition, Raspberry Pi, Webcam

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