Transmission and Distribution Losses and Aggregate Technical and Commercial Losses


  • Larsen and Toubro, Electrical Power System, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Saraswati college of Engineering, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • PUSA Institute of Technology, Delhi, India
  • Delhi Institute of Tool Engineering, Tool Engineering, Okhla, Delhi, India


This paper presents a simple method to calculate the AT&C losses in residential area. Today most of distribution companies are suffering from high T&D (Transmission and Distribution) losses and AT&C (Aggregate Technical and Commercial) losses. Most of the companies have very high level of AT&C losses. T&D loss gives an approximate value of losses. But AT&C loss gives the accurate data of losses. In this paper we have collected the data from Housing Board Colony Jind (urban area) and calculated the level of losses in that particular Distribution Transformer wise and then suggest loss reduction methods.


AT&C Losses, Distr ibution System, DT (Distribution Transformer), Housing Board Colony Jind, Losses, Meter

Full Text:


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Available from: documents/guide_books/3Ch1.pdf

Available from:

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