Skill Development Mission in India- A Step towards Governance and Effectiveness


  • Institute of Business Management, GLA University, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India


Skill development plays a significant role in contributing to the growth process of a country. It has more significance in particular to a fast growing economy like India. The demographic transition makes it imperative to generate employment opportunities for more than 12 million youths adding to working age population every year. According to the reports available, it is estimated that during the period of 2005-2012, only 2.7 million net additional jobs were created in India. Skill development is an essential requirement to develop youth and enable them to engage in useful vocations in the future. In India, the governments have been making policies and providing necessary support for skill development through various schemes not only by providing training and managerial skills but also the financial assistance through various channels. However, the success rate of the initiatives and pace of growth of skill development have not been that much encouraging in the past. The present government has taken this mission altogether in a different dimension by expanding the facilities and supports in a big way. This paper presents the present status of the programmes being implemented by the government of India for enthusing skill development in true spirit through various schemes. A separate body to monitor and regulate the Skill development Mission has been constituted known as National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).


Demographic Transition, NSDC, Skill Development

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Entreprneurship through skill development

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