Impact of Demographic Factors on Consumer Behaviour - A Consumer Behaviour Survey in Himachal Pradesh


  • University of Delhi, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, India


Consumer behaviour doesn't remain the same or constant in every situation it changes time to time. There are various factors which affects consumer behaviour. As the change comes in these factors, consumer behaviour also changes. The demographic factors which affect consumer behavior are: (1) age (2) sex (3) marital status (4) income (5) family background (6) education (7) occupation (8) family size (9) geographic factors (10) psychological factors. In this grim battle for snatching maximum share of market, only those producers are destined to emerge victorious who will be able to read the pulse of the buyers. And this is here, where buyer behaviour has a very important role to play. There are so many demographic factors like age, sex, income, occupation, education, marital status and family background which affects the behaviour of consumers. Here an at-tempt has been made that how and to what extent these factors affects the behaviour of consumers. It is quite necessary for the manufacturers of four-wheeler to know the behaviour of consumers. So, that they can increase their sales and capture the maximum share of the market. In this research paper an attempt has been made to know the affect of demographic factors on consumer behavior.


After Sales Services, Brand Preferences, Consumer Behaviour, Warranty Period.

Subject Discipline

Environmental Engineering

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