Use of Display File Structure and Operation Code for DNA Sequence to Visualise and Presentation for Dot Matrix Graph for DNA Sequence Alignment


  • Gujarat Vidyapith, Department of Computer Science, Ahmedabad, India


The management and analysis of bio information using computer application is study that related with the use of computing facility for collection, visualization, analysis and presentation of bio information. The DNA sequence achieving in lab is stored in the computer files like as ordinary text files. This file includes information about the sequences. This sequence alignment is comparison and finding relatedness of two sequences using dot matrix graphical method. Display file structure and operation code assigned to nucleic acid used for generating this graph and this will make computing faster. So goal of this concept is used to made visualisation and presentation faster as compared to traditional method. The similarities in graph of two sequences represent that the two sequences must have derived from a common ancestor and evolutionary origin.


ASCII, Display File, DNA Sequence, Operands, Operation Code, Sequence Alignment.

Subject Discipline

Software Engineering

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