A Comparative Study of Head Circumference of Infants in Two Ethnic Groups


Anthropometric parameters serve as useful adjuncts to other observations in evaluating intrauterine as well as infantile growth and development. Determination of measurements with regard to Head Circumference of infants during first year of life is important for the assessment of physical growth. Range of anthropometric measurements in each parameter is different in different races. Earlier reported work indicates that socioeconomic and nutritional status affects the growth even within the ethnic groups. The present study is taken as a longitudinal study conducted periodically in infants (0-12 months) of two contrasting groups- Jat Sikh and Bania communities of Punjab belonging to similar socioeconomic status. Head circumference was measured with the help of measuring tape. Earlier studies indicated that racial factors of growth could be modified to some extent by improved socioeconomic status and nutrition. Since both groups compared in this study were belonging to similar socioeconomic status hence nutritional status of these groups was also similar. It was observed that Bania male as well as female infants had smaller head circumference as compared to their Jat Sikh counterparts. This change may be attributed to sedentary life style among the urban population.


Head Circumference, Anthropometry.

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