Fournier's Gangrene


  • RRMC&H, Department of General Surgery, Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Fournier's gangrene is a rare, idiopathic, life threatening, necrotising fascitis of the genitals and perineum caused by both aerobic and anaerobic bacterial flora. The synergistic effect of the bacteriae results in fulminating gangrene, multiple organ failure and death. Most commonly it has predilection for diabetic and alcohol abused individuals. Timely recognition of the disease process and initiation of treatment with aggressive debridement and antibiotic administration is called for. In this case report, we recall an account of our tryst with Fournier's gangrene management.


Fournier’s Gangrene, Necrotising Fasciitis, Scrotal Reconstruction.

Subject Discipline

Urology and Nephrology

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