A Variation Anatomy of Mandibular Canine with Successful Endodontic Management


  • JSS Dental College & Hospital, India
  • JSS Dental College & Hospital, Oral Medicine and Radiology, India


Knowledge of development of the teeth and their natural anatomy is applicable to clinical practice, especially during root canal therapy. Although endodontic treatment of mandibular canine generally offers no difficulties, it is advisable to always be aware of the possibility of variations in its internal anatomy. Mandibular canines are recognized as usually monoradicular i.e., single rooted, in most of the cases although approximately 15% may have two canals. Further the incidences of two rooted canine with two root canals is as low as 1.7%. This article presents a case of mandibular canine having two roots with two canals and its successful endodontic management.


Mandibular Canine, Anatomical Varations, Two Roots, Two Canals, Endodontics.

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Pharmacy and Pharmacology

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