Oral Health Knowledge and Practices among Dental Patients at SHKM Government Medical College, Nuh, Haryana


  • SHKM GMC, Department of Dentistry, Nuh, Haryana, 122107, India
  • Private Practioner, Haryana, India
  • SHKM GMC, Department of PSM, Nuh, Haryana, 122107, India


Aim: The study was conducted to assess oral health knowledge and practices among the patients attending the Department of Dentistry at Shaheed Hasan Khan Mewati (SHKM) Government Medical College, Nuh, Haryana India. Material and Methods: A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted on 3000 patients using a pretested and structured questionnaire. The questions were to explore patient’s oral health behaviour and knowledge along with their routine oral practices. The data was collected and subjected to analysis through SPSS 18. Proportions and percentages were used for compilations of results. Results: The results showed that there is lack of knowledge with inappropriate measures to keep good oral hygiene. Only a small number of patients (12%) were found using tooth brush and paste whereas majority of population (73%) used Miswak sticks for cleaning their teeth. Females were found as most negligent regarding their oral health. Conclusion: The oral health practices among the population of Nuh were nonsatisfactory. There is need to develop and implement community oriented oral health promotion programs targeting oral health practices to control preventable oral diseases among the people of Nuh.


Behaviour, Knowledge, Oral Health, Practices

Subject Discipline


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