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*$ 80 00 Million Credit to India.

*$ 35 Million Credit to India for Calcutta Urban Development.

*A New Rice Variety to Tamil Nadu.

*DAC Chairman's Annual Report.

*Symposium on Legumes and Green Leafy Vegetables in the Nutrition
of the Infant and Young Child.

*Steps to Control Cancer.

*DDT-Still the Best.

*WHO Assistant Director of Health Service.

*FAO Conference.

*Indo-Dutch Project for Child Welfare.

*Semioar on 'Strategies for Rural

*Dwarf Wheat Variety.

*Poultry Development in India.

*Nutri Nugget, a Pre-cooked Vegetable Protein.

*Use of Urea in Cattle Feeds Permitted.

*Poor Man's Chicken.

*Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prizes for 1970 and 1971 Presented.

*Beer and Wine for the Aged.

*Ratio of Zinc to Copper has Effect on Cholesterol.

*Meeting of the India Consortium.

*Forum on Role of Women in Development.

*ECAFE Representative Propose Cuts in Yearly Meetings.

*Asian Plan of Action on Human Environment.

*UNDP Assistance for Regional Computer Centres in India.

*FAO Endorses World Food Parley in 1974.

*A Charter for a United Nations University.

*World Population Year, 1974.

*New Study on Smoking.

*High Priority to End Smallpox.

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