Impact of Diet Counselling on Patients Suffering from Urinary Stones


  • Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women, Deemed University, Department of Food Service Management and Dietetics, Coimbatore, India


In the industrialised countries, the incidence of urinary stone is increasing progressively. Literature indicates that the occurrence of urinary stones dates back to antiquity. Evidence of renal calculi has been found in recent exploration of Egyptian tombs dated from 8000 B.C. Urinary calculi consists of a nucleus of organic material around which salts are deposited in concentric layers, which are bound together by a colloidal matrix of organic matter. Calcium oxalate calculi of kidney is a common clinical problem. Population studies show that one in 1000 people pass a calcium oxalate calculus each year and that one in three cases of symptomatic calculi necessitates admission to the hospital.

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Alternative Medicine

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