Voluntary Intake and Efficiency of Feed Utilization in Buffalo Calves Fed formaldehyde Treated Soybeans


  • University of Agricultural Sciences, All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Buffaloes, Dharwad, India
  • National Dairy Research Institute, Division of Dairy Cattle Nutrition and Physiology, Karnal, India


Infusion of high quality protein via the abomasum enhances the retention of nitrogen and efficiency of its utilization. This is probably due to escape of such protein from degradation in rumen Many workers have suggested the means to prevent degradation in rumen by treating it with formaldehyde. However reports OD the utilization of such feeds are contradictory in nature This could be either due to proteins from different sources reacting with formaldehyde in different fashion, level of protein and energy in the ration or due to effect on the voluntary intake of feed and altered pattern of feed utilization. Since some reports are available on the first two aspects, this study was envisaged to see the effect on the latter aspect of voluntary intake and feed efficiency only.

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Health Care and Hospital Management

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