High Dietary Fibre in Routine Bengalee Diet Diabetes Mellitus?


  • Indian Statistical Institute, Biometry Research Unit, Calcutta, India


The definition of "dietary fibre" is highly intriguing since workers in this field are not in full accord with each other's opinion. However we will terra dietary fibre (D. F.) roughly as the remnants of plant cells resistant to hydrolysis by the alimentary enzymes of man. This group was called unavailable carbohydrate although it contributes a few absorbed calories. Trowell has included the following groups of substances in D.F.- i) structural polysaccharides i.e. cellulose including homopolysaccharides and heteropolysaccharides, ii) lignins, iii) unavailable lipids, iv) unavailable nitrogen associated with the fibre and v) trace elements associated with the fibre.

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