Effect of Steaming and Autoclaving of Stored Rice Bran on its Nutritive Value in the Chicken Diets at Various Protein Levels


  • G. B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, India


Rice bran is an important basal feed for livestock in the rice growing areas of the world. Effect of heat treatment on the nutritive value of rice bran appears to be variable. Majan and Payne reported that autoclaving rice bran for chicken diets did not affect the live weight gain, liver weight, heart weight and weight of pancreas of the birds. Kratzer and Payne found that autoclaving ricebran significantly increased growth rate of chickens. Deolankar and Singh reported that the heating of rice bran given with groundnut cake and fish meal did not improve the growth rate of broilers and suggested that heat destroyed amino acids.

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Alternative Medicine

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