Sensory Properties and Nutritional Quality of Nutmilk Ice Creams Fortified with Carrot Juice


  • Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Post Graduate Teaching Department of Home Science, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440010, India


Ice cream is a very popular frozen confectionary dairy product consumed in India and other countries as well. Ice cream industries have developed a variety of ice creams, which can mitigate some of the health concerns. The changes of texture and flavor profile of such ice cream can provide the satisfaction to the consumers. Vegetable milk is made based on nuts, seeds or cereals soaked in water, ground and filtered. One can perfectly replace animal milk by vegetable milk and is ideal for those people that have opted for a naturist or biological food. Vegetable milk can be prepared from nuts like groundnuts or coconut. Nut milk is an alternative way of adding a tasty liquid to one's diet, or to any sort of recipe, without having to resort to cow's or buffalo's milk. Nut milk like groundnut and coconut milk make absolutely divine options. One can use them to add flavor to make milkshakes and ice cream. These milks are rich in plant proteins and bring quality fat, which are essential for human bodies.

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Food Science and Technology

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