Nutritional Profile of Rural and Urban Adolescent Girls of Hisar District of Haryana


  • CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Department of Foods & Nutrition, Hisar, 125 004, India


Adolescence is a period of rapid growth and stress. The incidence of dietary inadequacies is higher in adolescents than at any other stage of the life cycle and it affects girls more than boys. Adolescence between 10-18 years of age is very dynamic period of human life. The period represents an important physiological phase of life characterized by rapid growth and development both physical and physiological. Nutritional status during early adolescence has great influence on adolescent growth spurt and menarche age. Nutritional requirement in terms of body mass is more because of growth spurt, both linear and body cell mass during adolescence indicating special significance of the nutritional pattern in these years. Life styles of the adolescents influence their intake of nutrients and affect their food habits as well as their physiological requirements for nutrients. Keeping these facts in view, the present study was conducted.

Subject Discipline

Health Care and Hospital Management

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