Effect of Siddha Medicine in the Treatment of Specific Common Health Problems


  • Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women - Deemed University, Department of Family and Community Science, Coimbatore, 641 043, India


Siddha medicine is the oldest and foremost of all other medicinal system of the world and it is invogue ever since man started growing vegetables on the Earth. There are two ancient system of medicine in India. The siddha flourished in South India and Ayurvedha was prevalent in North India. Siddha system is an ancient traditional system of Indian medicine developed by siddhars. They led simple lives, following the laws of nature and achieved longevity without becoming senile. They contributed not only to the siddha system of medicine but also provided knowledge of eternity, alchemy and yogic living.

Subject Discipline

Health Care and Hospital Management

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