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* Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Nutmeg Oil.

* Vitamin E from Food Reduces Risk of Death from Stroke in Postmenopausal Women.

* Smoking and Vitamin - A Worrying Case.

* Marking Nut can be a Future Antistress Drug.

* Sweet Potato is a Good Friend of Diabetic.

* Green Tea Residue is a Potential Anti-Cancer Agent.

* How much Omega-3 Fatty Acid do we Need? Official Recommended Daily Allowances with Regard to Essential Requirements.

* Can Physical Activity Prevent Non-Communiable Diseases? NCD's?

* Pollution - Related Diseases Pose Deadly Threat to Children, UN Agencies Warn.

* High Quality Protein.

* Reduced Oxidative Stress and Improvement of Total Antioxidant Status (TAS).

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Health Care and Hospital Management

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