Effect of Various Treatments on Removal of Phytic Acid from Brassica spp


Phytates are a complex class of naturally occurring compounds which can significantly Influence the functional and nutritional properties of foods. High phytate content has been observed in cereals and oilseeds, specially rapeseed. Phytic acid being negatively charged over most of the pH range has potential for complexing with proteins and cations thereby affecting their solubility and bioavailability. Greatest impact of phytic acid relative to human nutrition is its reduction of zinc bioavailability. In the present Investigation, an attempt has been made to remove phytic acid from Brassica spp. through various treatments namely, pH adjustments and addition of different concentrations of calcium chloride and ethylene diaminetetra acetic acid in a dialysis system. The accompanying nitrogen losses were also studied.

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Health Care and Hospital Management

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