Changes in Fat Acidities during Storage of Wheat Grains and wholemeal (Atta)


During the storage of cereal grains and their flours, titrable acidity of their lipid extracts increases and the grains undergo a deterioration in quality. Changes in titrable acidity of lipid extracts during storage of various cereal grains have been studied by several workers. India has now become self-sufficient in wheat, with the introduction of several high yielding, disease resistant varieties with better nutritional qualities. FCI is the chief agency, concerned with the surplus storage of wheat and its distribution. Wheat during storage is likely to undergo deterioration in quality. Very little work has been reported regarding these changes in grains and wholemeals of Indian wheat varieties during storage. The present study was therefore undertaken to find out the changes in fat acidity values of grains/whole meals over a period of eight months of storage using different storage conditions.

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Health Care and Hospital Management

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