Obesity in Relation to Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Diseases among Women from Low, Middle and High Income Groups


  • Punjab Agricultural University, Dept. of Food and Nutrition, Ludhiana, India


A study was conducted to assess the prevalence of obesity and its relationship with cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in women from low, middle and high income group. A total of 150 women in the age group of 40-50 years, belonging to low (LIG), middle (MIG) and high (HIG) income group were selected from sub-mountainous region of Hoshiarpur city. The Body Mass Index (BMI) criterion was used for the assessment of obesity. Twenty five normal (BMI 20-22.9 kg/m2) and 25 obese (BMI ≥ 27.5 kg/m2) women from each income group i.e. LIG, MIG and HIG were selected to study the relationship of obesity with CVD. The data on anthropometric measurements and blood lipid profile was collected. The obese subjects belonging to MIG and HIG were found to have higher risk factors of CVD such as total cholesterol, triglycerides was LDL as compared to subjects in LIG.


Obesity, Income Groups, Body Mass Index, Lipid Profile, Anthropometric Measurements, CVD.

Subject Discipline

Alternative Medicine

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