C E S College of Pharmacy
C. C. S. University
C. L. Baid Metha College of Pharmacy
C. R. P. Gabriel Lippmann
C. S. Azad University of Agriculture and Tech
C.N. College
C.P.G.I.D.S. & Hospital
C.R.M. Jat (P.G.) College
C.S.A. University of Agriculture and Technology
C.S.J.M. University
C.S.M Medical University
C.S.M. Medical University
C.U. Shah Medical College
CAB International Institute of Biological Control
Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Cairo University
Calcutta Medical Research Institute
Calcutta National Medical College
Calcutta National Medical College Hospital
Calcutta University
Calcutta University Post Graduate Centre
California Institute of Technology
Cambridge University
Canara Bank School of Management
Canara Bank School of Management Studies
Caparo PTU School of Manufacturing and Materials Technology
Capco Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic
CAR-Indian Institute of Rice Research
Cardamom Research Station
Cardiologist Tohid Hospital
Career Point University
Career Post Graduate Institute of Dental Science and Hospital
Career Post Graduate Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital
Carleton University
Carlos III Universidad
Carnegie Mellon University
Case Western Reserve University Cleveland
CCCS Haryana Agricultural University
CCRAS Pharmacological Research Unit, (G.A.U.), Jamnagar
CCS Haryana Agricultural University
CDCRJ, Rajnandgaon (C. G.)
Cell biology Lab
Cement Research Institute of India
CEMILAC, DRDO, Ministry of Defence
Center for Biomedical Research
Center for Dental Education and Research (AIIMS)
Center for Emerging Technologies, Jain Global Campus, Jain University
Center for International Research, Education and Development
Center for Nutrition Counseling and Extension Activities
Center for Post Graduate Studies, Jain University
Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy
Center of Excellence for Innovation in Chemistry, Lampang Rajabhat University
Central Agricultural Research Institute
Central Agricultural University
Central Agricultural University Pusa
Central Agricultural University, TURA
Central Agroforestry Research Institute
Central Animal Facility, Indian Institute of Science
Central Avian Research Institute
Central Ayurveda Drug Research Institute for Drug Development
Central Bank of Bahrain
Central Biological Control Field Laboratory
Central Biological Control Laboratory
Central Biological Control Station
Central Building Research Institute
Central China Normal University
Central Coffee Research Institute
Central College

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