Trichoderma harzianum Isolates of Indo-Gangetic Plains as Antagonists and Growth Promotion Agent for Okra


Seven <i>Trichoderma harzianum</i> isolates from Indo-gangetic plains of Kanpur area were screened for their biocontrol potential and ability to promote germination and growth in <i>Abelmoschus esculentus</i> seeds in invitro conditions. Four superior isolates (ThS, ThP, ThV, ThK) were multiplied on rice husk bran (RHB), shade dried and powdered. Okra seeds were treated (@ 6g/kg) with <i>T. harzianum</i> inoculum and sown in the field. The treated seeds evinced early seedling emergence and bud initiation, increase upto 31-48% in plant height, 27-42% in fruit length, 86-110% in fruit fresh weight and 52-87% in yield was noticed. Treatment with the isolate ThS was most superior. All the isolates used for seed treatment have more or less equal biocontrol potential but there was a great variation in their growth promotion ability both lab and field.The study indicates that biocontrol and growth promotion ability of T. harzianum isolates are independent of each other.


Trichoderma harzianum, Abelmoschus Esculentus, Biocontrol, Growth Promotion, Seed Treatment

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