Feeding Potential of Stethorus pauperculus (Weise) (Coccinellidae: Coleoptera) on Tetranychid Mites


The feeding potential of mite destroyer ladybird beetle, Stethorus pauperculus (Weise) were recorded on two mite species viz., Oligonychus indicus and Tetranychus urticae under the laboratory conditions during September-December 2013. For complete life cycle the predator S. pauperculus required 548.57±11.00 eggs or 38.20±6.60 larva or 275±6.46 nymphs or 150.07±6.88 adults of O. indicus, whereas in case of T. urticae it required 544.20±8.28 eggs, or 324.97±6.46 larvae or 249.07±7.65 nymphs or 132.43±4.36 adults.


Stethorus pauperculus (Weise), Feeding Potential, Spider Mites.

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