Natural Enemies of Bemisia tabaci Gennadius and Effect of Insecticides on their Activity


In a survey on the natural enemies of Bemlsia tabaci Gennadius, two parasitoids Eretmocerus mundus Mere and Encarsia shafeel (Hayat) and seven predators were recorded in cotton ecosystem. The predators viz., Serangium parcesetosum (Coccinellidae), Deraeocoris indianus (Miridae) and Paederus fuscipes Curtis (Staphylinidae) were recorded for the first time on this pest. Field experiment revealed that the activity and abundance of the natural enemies were significantly reduced when triazophos, monocrotophos and methamidophos were sprayed as compared to endosuifan and phosalone, Neem oil and fish oil rosin soap were less harmful to the natural enemies.


Bemisia tabaci, Natural Enemies, Toxicity Insecticides.

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