Feeding Potential of Adult Dragonflies, Pantala flavescens (Fabricius), Brachythemis contaminata Fabricius and Bradinopyga geminata Rambur (Anisoptera: Libellulidae) on Insect Pests under Laboratory Condition


  • Anand Agricultural University, AINP on Agricultural Ornithology, Anand, Gujarat, 388 110, India


Feeding potential of three dragonfly species was worked out on the basis of numerical value and fresh prey weight under laboratory condition at Anand (Gujarat) during 2013. Adult dragonflies, viz., Pantala flavescens, Brachythemis contaminata and Bradinopyga geminata were used as predator and Nilaparvata lugens, Aphis craccivora and Aedes sp. were used as prey. Daily biomass consumption of P. flavescens, B. contaminata and B. geminata were 224.51 mg, 149.35 mg and 169.34 mg respectively. The prey numbers consumed by each dragonfly species were significantly different. However, irrespective of prey species biomass consumption was the same. Feeding potential of the dragonflies was positively correlated with their body weight. Feeding potential of females of P. flavescens and B. contaminata was slightly higher than their respective males.


Feeding potential, Pantala flavescens, Brachythemis contaminata, Bradinopyga geminata, Nilaparvata lugens, Aedes sp., Aphis craccivora, Biomass consumption.

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