Inducible Accretion of Extra Cellular Chitinolytic Enzyme through Media Optimization Confers Enhanced Biocontrol Trait in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Fp 183


  • Anand Agricultural University (AAU), Department of Microbiology and Biofertilizer Projects, Anand, Gujarat, 388 110, India
  • AAU, Biological Control Research Laboratory, Anand, Gujarat, 388 110, India


Extracellular chitinolytic enzymes play a significant role to stipulate the bio-efficacy level of several Pseudomonas isolates against phytopathogenic fungus such as Fusarium udum and insect pests such as Spodoptera litura. Present exertion is to confirm and evaluate whether extracellular chitinase production is considered as an inducible biocontrol trait in Pseudomonas sp. or not. Pseudomonas aeruginosa fp 183 showed higher chitinase activity (3.75 U/mL) in modified King's B broth amongst all chitinase positive native isolates of Anand, Gujarat. Enhanced chitinase activity by 28.0%, 15.2% and 8.0% was observed after 84 hours when broth was amended with 1.5% of colloidal chitin, sterilized dry powder of F. udum and S. litura (third instar) respectively. The components of King's B medium were modified and optimized by using crude glycerol (byproduct in biodiesel production) via Plackett-Burman design and Response Surface Methodology for the responses such as colony count, chitinase activity and antagonistic (biocontrol) activity. Screening of media components and media optimization showed altered affects on all the responses. Production of extracellular chitinolytic enzyme increased by up to 27.2% and exhibited 27% more inhibition diameter against F. udum. The efforts revealed the thriving use of crude glycerol (4.7%), colloidal chitin (3.9%) and peptone (2.69%) in production media to enhance the chitinase secretion by P. aeruginosa fp 183.


Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Chitinolytic Enzyme, Fuzarium Udum, Spodoptera Litura, Media Optimization, Plackett- Burman Design, Response Surface Methodology.

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Agriculture Sciences

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