Induced Defense Response in Brinjal Plants By Bacillus megaterium NBAII 63 Against Bacterial Wilt Pathogen, Ralstonia solanacearum


  • National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Insects, Bangalore, 560 024, India


Bacillus megaterium strain NBAII 63 was identified as a potential bacterial antagonist against brinjal bacterial wilt pathogen, Ralstonia solanacearum. It was tested for its ability to induce defense related enzymes viz., peroxidase (PO), polyphenoloxidase (PPO) and total phenols against R. solanacearum in brinjal plants. Brinjal plants treated with B. megaterium challenge inoculated with R. solanacearum showed higher levels of defense related enzymes and phenols compared to antagonist alone, pathogen alone and untreated plants. B. megaterium strain NBAII 63 showed the higher activities of total phenols (173 μg g-1 of tissue compared to control 121), PO (2.75 change in OD min-1g-1 of tissue compared to control 0.75) and PPO activity (0.91 change in OD min-1g-1 compared to control 0.13) in brinjal plants treated with R. solanacearum. The present study clearly indicated that B. megaterium strain NBAII 63 has the ability to induce the defense related enzymes in the brinjal plants against R. solanacearum.


Induced Defense, Brinjal, Bacillus megaterium, Bacterial Wilt, Ralstonia solanacearum.

Subject Discipline

Agriculture Sciences

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