Pupal Parasitization of Anaphaeis aurota Fabricius (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) Infesting Capparis decidua (Forsk.) by Brachymeria albicrus (Klug) (Hymenoptera: Chalcididae)


  • National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Insects, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560 024, India
  • Central Institute for Arid Horticulture, Bikaner, Rajasthan, 334 006, India


During the surveys conducted in CIAH Farm and in Desnok, Bikaner in the month of November and December, 2010, Capparis decidua (Forsk.) commonly known as kair was found to be heavily infested with Anaphaeis aurota Fabricius commonly known as Pioneer or Caper white. C. decidua is a bushy shrub used in landscape gardening, afforestation and reforestation in semi desert and desert areas and it provides assistance against soil erosion. The grown caterpillars of A. aurota easily strip off the branches, devouring leaf after leaf causing great damage. The pupae of A. aurota were found to be parasitized with Brachymeria albicrus (Klug). B. albicrus has been earlier reported from southern India, Orissa and from Haryana as Brachymeria kurukshetraensis Farooqi, Husain&Ghai. B. kurukshetraensis Farooqi is a junior synonym of B. albicrus. The mean per cent parasitization of Pioneer butterfly by B. albicrus at CIAH farm and at Desnok, Bikaner was 49.5 and 47.5 respectively and the mean per cent emergence of the mature adult parasitoids from the parasitized pupae was 15.5 and 14.0 respectively.


Capparis decidua, Anaphaeis aurota, Brachymeria albicrus and Pupal Parasitoid.

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Agriculture Sciences

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