Effect of Storage at Different Temperatures on the Biological Parameters of Cotesia flavipes Cameron


  • Rajasthan College of Agriculture (MPUAT), Department of Entomology, Udaipur, Rajasthan, 313 001, India


Investigations on storage at 5 to 20°C for 5 to 30 days on biological parameters of Cotesia flavipes Cameron were carried in the laboratory. Adult emergence from cocoons of C. flavipes varied with storage time and temperature. The storage of cocoons for 10 and 15 days at 5, 10, 15 and 20°C did not affect adult emergence significantly and resulted in 95.96 to 97.58 per cent and 95.22 to 98.46 per cent adult emergence respectively and was at par with 5°C. Lowest temperature (5°C) significantly affected the female emergence (24 to 39 per cent) at different days of storage. Maximum female emergence (85 per cent) was observed when cocoons were stored for 10 days at 20°C followed by 82 per cent at 20°C for 15 days. The storage of cocoons at 10°C reduced female emergence, 51 to 60 per cent, while at 15°C it ranged from 68 to 76 per cent. Maximum cocoons (47.08) were formed from the adults who were emerged from the cocoons stored for 10 days at 20°C while 5°C temperature inhibited the growth and development with least number of cocoons.


Cotesia flavipes, Endo Larval Parasitoid, Chilo partellus and Maize Stem Borer.

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Agriculture Sciences

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