Current Status of Eucalyptus Gall Wasp and its Native Parasitoids in Karnataka


  • University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Agricultural Entomology, Dharwad, Karnataka, 580005, India
  • T. C. Narendran Trust for Animal Taxonomy, Calicut, Kerala, India


Roving survey was conducted during 2010-11 to assess impact of native parasitoids on eucalyptus gall wasp in Belgaum, Dharwad, Haveri, Davangere, Chitradurga, Tumkur and Bengaluru Rural districts of Karnataka, India. It was observed that the gall incidence declined drastically since its outbreak in 2007 due to the activity of native parasitoids. Activity of native parasitoids was more in southern districts. Among the native parasitoids Megastigmus dharwadicus Narendran et al was the most dominant. The eucalyptus gall wasp which had become a production constraint during 2007 threatening the productivity of paper and pulp industry is efficiently kept under check by the native parasitiods.


Eucalyptus Gall Wasp, Leptocybe invasa, Megastigmus dharwadicus, Aprostocetus gala.

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