ITS Sequencing of Indian Isolates of Lecanicillium Species


  • National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Insects, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560 024, India


The genetic diversity of thirty one isolates of Lecanicillium species isolated from insect hosts from various geographical regions of India were studied. Their phylogenetic relationships were determined using internal transcribed spacer, ITS1, ITS2 and 5.8S gene of rRNA sequence. Based on the sequence similarity of ITS region and construction of subsequent phylogenetic analysis (neighbour-joining method), 15 isolates were grouped as Lecanicillium lecanii, 11 isolates as L. attenuatum, 3 isolates as L. longisporum and 2 isolates as L. muscarium.


ITS Region, Phylogenetic Analysis, Lecanicillium sp.

Subject Discipline

Agriculture Sciences

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