Suitability of Different Grain Media for Mass Culturing of the Fungal Entomopathogen, Acremonium zeylanicum (petch) W. Gams and H. C. Evans


  • University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Agricultural Entomology, College of Agriculture, Dharwad, Karnataka, 580005, India


Evaluation of food grains for suitability as substrates for mass production of the fungus, Acremonium zeylanicum (Petch) W. Garns and H. C. Evans revealed that the spore count increased with increase in duration of incubation period after inoculation till harvesting. Rice and sorghum grain served as potential substrates for conidial production of A. zeylanicum which yielded 9.15 × 108 and 8.33 × 108 conidia/g of substrate, respectively, 15 days after inoculation. Maize and bajra were next best alternatives. However, the other materials like ragi, bengalgram and wheat did not serve as efficient food source for mass production of the fungus.


Acremonium zeylanicum, Entomopathogenic Fungi, Mass Production, Natural Substrates.

Subject Discipline

Agriculture Sciences

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