Bio-Intensive Integrated Disease Management of FCV Tobacco Nursery in Karnataka Light Soils


  • Central Tobacco Research Institute, Karnataka, 571105, India


A commercial bio-pesticide, "Kalisena" containing Aspergillus niger (strain AN 27 of IARI) was evaluated as seed pelleting and in slurry form. The results indicated that Katisena in slurry form was effective and feasible giving 100% control of damping off, 85% control of blight and 90% control of black shank diseases in FCV tobacco nursery. The results are comparable to recommended chemical schedule of Ridomil MZ 72 WP. This effective bio-intensive module reflected on the better yield of healthy transplants (912/sq, m.) as against the recommended Ridomit MZ schedule and untreated (846 and 562 per sq. m.) check, respectively. The schedule gave an incremental cost-benefit ratio of 1: 8.2.


Aspergillus niger, Integrated Disease Management, Kalisena, Soil Solarization, Tobacco Nursery.

Subject Discipline

Agriculture Sciences

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