Use of Plant Extracts and Yeast Antagonists in the Management of Storage Scab and Rots of Apple Fruits


  • Dr Y. S. P. University of Horticulture and Forestry, Regional Horticultural Research Station, H.P., 175 125, India


Nine different plant extracts and three yeast antagonists were compared for their efficacy as post-harvest dip against the development of scab (Venturia inaequalis) lesions and rots on apple fruits during storage for 60 days at ambient conditions. Studies revealed that water extract of Emblica officinalis leaves (15 %) was highly effective against storage scab and provided complete control up to 60 days of storage. Water extracts of Artemisia vulgaris, Melia dubia leaves and Emblica officinalis seeds @15 per cent, though were not much effective against storage scab. but were found effective to check fruit rotting with decay reduction index (DRI) ofSS.7, 80.9 and 70.8 per cent, respectively after 60 days of storage. A yeast antagonist, Rhodosporidum toruloides (1.0x105 cell/ml) was also effective in checking the storage fruit rots and gave DRI of 74.1 per cent.


Apple, Fruit Rots, Management, Plant Extract, Storage Scab, Yeast Antagonists.

Subject Discipline

Agriculture Sciences

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