Effect of Low Temperature Storage on the Viability of Puparia of Sturmiopsis inferensTownsend (Diptera: Tachnidae) a Larval Parasitoid of Sugarcane Moth Borers


  • Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Section of Entomology, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, 641 007, India


Attempts have been made to store the puparia of the tachinid, Sturmiopsis inferens Townsend. a larval parasitoid of sugarcane moth borers at low temperatures. Storage at 5 and 10 °c adversely affected the adult emergence, fertility and longevity when the puparia were stored for 30 days. The puparia could be stored for 30 days at 15°C without any adverse effects on fly emergence, female mating and male longevity. Storage at this temperature slightly reduced tbe fertility of females. An increase in the duration of storage at 15°C resulted in the reduction of emergence, mating and fertility.


Cold Storage, Puparia, Sturmiopsis inferens.

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Agriculture Sciences

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