Biocontrol Potential of Oxyopes chittrae Tikader (Araneae: Oxyopidae) on Three Lepidopteran Pests of Cotton


  • Sacred Heart College, Division of Arachnology, Department of Zoology, Kochi, Kerala, 682013, India


Biocontrol potential of Oxyopes chittrae Tikader (Araneae: Oxyopidae) on three lepidopteran pests of cotton was studied in the laboratory during the years 1999-2001. Early instars of insect pests were only taken to assess the feeding potential. The rate of predation was found "'arying among the life stages and sexes. Adult females consumed more prey than any other stage. It consumed an average of 19.08±11.01, 4.61±1.03 and 4.08±O.9 numbers of bollworms, borers, and loopers_ The different life stages of Oxyopes chittrae showed a high degree of  variation in feeding potential and maximum variation was with bollworm and minilllunl with looper. The prey preference was in the order bollworm> borer> looper.


Biocontrol, Cotton, Lepidopteran Pest, Oxyopes chittrae.

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