Natural Enemies of Brown Planthopper and Whitebacked Planthopper during Rice Cropping Season at Madurai


  • Agricultural College and Research Institute, Madurai, Tamilnadu, 625 104, India


Studies on the natural enemies of rice planthoppers revealed that Anagrus sp. was seen throughout the season, which shot up from the second fortnight of October to the first fortnight of Novemher. Pseudogonatopus sp. parasitized more number of Brown Planthopper (BPH). Parasitic efficiency of Pseudogonalopus sp. was more when two parasitoid adult females were released per hill. The functional response of a single mirid Cyrotorhimus lividipennis prey was greater than when in groups. A single mirid predated 3.33 and 2.66 BPH nymphs and 2.66 and 3.0 WBPH nymphs per day on TN1 and ADT36 rice varieties, respectively.


Anagrus Sp., BPH Cyrtorhinus lividipennis Psuedogonatopus, WBPH.

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