Analysis of Surveys on International Trade in Banking Services


  • University of Delhi, Department of Economics, Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, New Delhi, 110034, India


This paper analyses the Annual Surveys on International Trade in Banking Services of the Reserve Bank of India for the period 2013-19. It compares performance across three different categories of banks namely, Indian Banks’ Branches Operating Abroad, Indian Banks’ Subsidiaries Operating Abroad and Foreign Banks’ Branches Operating in India. Using trend and percentage analysis, the paper portrays various parameters graphically. The analysis demonstrates that the Foreign Banks in India perform better than the Indian banks abroad. The paper suggests compliance with BASEL-III norms and prudential regulations along with better technological compliance for more competitive performance by the Indian counterparts in future.


Central Bank, International Trade and Finance, Interest Rates, Mergers and Acquisitions

JEL classification: G33, E58, G34

Full Text:


Madhavankutty, G. (2018, September 5), 'Overseas branches of Indian Banks are shutting down. More than finances, regulation is killing them’, ET Prime.

RBI (2013-19). Survey on International Trade in Banking Services.


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