Ultrastructural Studies on the Ultimobranchial Bodies of Freshwater Turtle Lissemys punctata Granulosa


  • ICLES’ MJ College, Department of Zoology, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400 703, India


In the background that there is scanty literature on the ultrastructure of ultimobranchial bodies of the fresh-water turtles, this paper describes the ultrastructure of the gland of freshwater turtle Lissemys punctata granulosa. The gland was dissected out and subjected to transmission electron microscopic analysis to examine the structure of the gland. The gland is composed of a single type of cells with a few secretory granules of similar size, large cytoplasmic bodies, Golgi region, and fewer mitochondria.


Fresh-Water Turtle, Ultimobranchial Bodies, Electron Microscopy.

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